Bored and Out of Your Mind? Here's a list of Fun things to do at Home

We've seen many stories come out about how to keep yourself and the kids entertained during quarantine/mandate stay-at-home time. I thought I would collect those good thoughts and put them in one location. We'll update as we find more good stuff.

How about a Virtual Disney trip? Yes, you have to get creative and use your imagination, but the kids will thank you for this and have a lot of fun.

Laugh at someone else's expense? No one was injured in the making of this video, it's just a little Price is Right blooper of a contestant losing to the Wheel.

Here's a video of a High School Choir performing "Over the Rainbow" via video conferencing after their live performance got cancelled.

10 Celebrity Memoirs to read at home...if you're the reading type. If reading about Celebrities doesn't float your boat their's - 7 Fantasy Series You can Read while Social Distancing - 15 New Books to Read - 10 Rock Music Books to Read While Stuck at Home

Miss seeing your friends and binge watching Netflix? Here's how you can still do that in isolation.

16 Rock Docs to keep you occupied. My personal favorite is Sound City.

Not living the Rock 'n' Roll Lifestyle but still love docuseries? Binge watch these docuseries.

Don't you hate when you start binge watch a series and it's not finished? Then you have to actually wait to find out how it ends! Fear not - here's 18 completed series you can watch on Netflix.

For people with anxiety a quarantine and isolation, plus all the (at times) scary information out there can be a lot. For folks that don't typically struggle with mental health, being stuck inside and away from work, family, and friends can cause some mental anguish. Here are 5 Ways to Manage Your Mental Health During Self-Quarantine.

Podcasts are a great way to entertain yourself. Curl up in bed - put your ear buds in, close your eyes, and listen away. With the iHeartRadio you access to over 275K podcasts. Yes! Here are 6 peaceful podcasts to get you through self-isolation. If you need a good laugh...try the Ron Burgandy Podcast (now in season 3). You can also connect with your favorite OKC radio stations, important Coronavirus updates and more with the iHeartRadio App.

Buff with 101.9 The Twister found some other ways to be creative and keep your self entertained. The Marble race was a favorite of mine.

Are you a Belieber? Check out an acoustic version of "Intentions"

Love conspiracy theories? How about this one: Katy Perry is JonBenet Ramsey! It's wild and very convincing. 7 Pop Star Conspiracy Theories to Unravel.

Universal is releasing some new films On Demand since theaters are closed. Here's a list.

Like so many artists - Neil Young is Launching a Concert Series from his Living Room. Here's Luke Bryan Doing the Same.

How about some trick golf shots. Go ahead and try these yourself.

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