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Colin Cowherd Says Lakers Should Trade LeBron James to Warriors ASAP

Colin Cowherd: “This trade idea is not that wacky [LeBron to Warriors for Jordan Poole, Jonathan Kuminga, and Andrew Wiggins]. Kevin Durant left Oklahoma City to go to the rival Warriors, THAT felt wacky. Then he left Steph and the Warriors dynasty to go to goofy Brooklyn. THAT felt wacky. Both happened. The Timberwolves already had a very good center in Karl-Anthony Towns, and traded nine picks and players to get another center [Gobert], THAT felt wacky. LeBron to the Warriors is not that wacky. LeBron can be strategic. LeBron wants to play for titles. LeBron has said his favorite player is Steph Curry. LeBron is exactly what the Warriors need— another dependable offensive piece. LeBron doesn’t want to have to be the key defender, they’ve got one—Draymond Green, nor the key rebounder, they’ve got one of those too— Kevon Looney. LeBron can shoot fewer threes, they’ve got Steph and Klay. LeBron IS what they need. He’s not young but the Warriors two weeks ago acknowledged their future is Steph-35, Klay-33, and Draymond-33. This is not exactly a youth center. You’d be a wacko if you were LeBron, got called by the Warriors and didn’t take the phone call. You’d be a wacko if you were Rob Pelinka and they said ‘Wiggins, Jordan Poole, Jonathan Kuminga’, and you didn’t take the phone call.” (Full Segment Above)

Watch Colin Cowherd double-down on his viral take from Wednesday suggesting that the Los Angeles Lakers trade LeBron James to the Golden State Warriors.

Check out the segment above as Colin believes a Warriors package of Andrew Wiggins, Jordan Poole, and Jonathan Kuminga would be enough to pry the 38-year-old from LA.

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