Thunder GM Sam Presti "anticipates" Billy Donovan Will Return As Head Coach

PHOTO/Randy Renner

No ABSOLUTE answer on whether Thunder coach Billy Donovan will return next season but team general manager Sam Presti made it sound like he wants Donovan to return...

"We anticipate Billy will be back," he told reporters during his annual end of the season news conference. Presti made it sound like the decision rests more with Donovan than with him saying he wanted to give the head coach time to "decompress" after what Presti called a disappointing season before the two sat down for an in-depth discussion about the past season and the future.

Here is a portion of what Presti said regarding Donovan's future.

Presti said the two words he would use to most describe the Thunder's season would be "capability and inconsistency" and then went into more detail about what he meant saying "for 70% of the season we played at a high level and created a very high standard and then for 30% of the year we struggled to meet our own standard."

You can hear the entire news conference below.

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