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We heard a lot of things about the Thunder in the lead-up to last night's NBA Draft. They are in "absolute win now mode," they are "increasing efforts" to trade the #21 pick and deal away Steven Adams, Dennis Schroder and Andre Roberson to shed salary and avoid the luxury tax.

As you know by now most of that didn't happen. The 21st pick was dealt but only to drop back a couple of spots last night and to pick up a 2nd rounder in a future draft. The big surprise came when OKC picked Darius Bazley, a guy who didn't even play organized basketball last season but is blessed with a huge upside. An upside that likely won't really show itself for a season or two, or three.

Just because nothing happened last night it doesn't mean something won't happen in the coming weeks...the l;ate September opening of training camp is a long way off and plenty can change. But during his news conference GM Sam Presti told reporters much of the team's improvement will need to come from within and he also said eventually (and probably sooner rather than later) the team will have to do something drastic about it's payroll and massive luxury tax bills.

More about all this plus an impressive day at the Travelers Championship golf tournament for two former OSU Cowboys and a former OU Sooner and Alex Freedman has an OKC Dodgers update in today's Morning Sports

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