Gleeson: Cowboy QB Competition "An Equal Race Right Now"

PHOTO/Randy Renner

Karsten Creek Golf Club, Payne County- By his own admission new Oklahoma State offensive coordinator Sean Gleeson is a "terrible" golfer, by everyone's account he's a heck of a football coach.

Gleeson opted not to go chasing the little white ball around OSU's famed Karsten Creek Golf Club during the annual media play day on the course known for narrow fairways and wickedly fast and sloping greens.

But he was more than happy to talk football after reporters put away their clubs and brought out the mics and cameras inside the clubhouse.

Karsten Creek Clubhouse/ Photo By Randy Renner

"We've got a great situation," Gleeson said when asked about quarterbacks Dru Brown, the 5th year senior, and Spencer Sanders, the redshirt freshman. "Dru's been around he knows offensive football and Spencer is an eager young kid with great athleticism and arm strength."

But neither has grabbed hold of the starting QB job and held on.

"An equal race right now," is how Gleeson put it and he promises he's not just leading everyone on hoping to keep the competition going between the pair.

"When we know the starter we're gonna name (him). There's a scrimmage 10 practices in and I would guess both kids would have ample opportunities after having a spring where we kinda rotated them and I gave them equal opportunities. So I'm hoping it's very competitive and a little bit less gentlemanly than in the spring."

He wants either Brown or Sanders to aggressively take the job. So far that hasn't happened and if it doesn't by game week Gleeson won't be shy about playing both. In fact Gleeson while at Princeton played three quarterbacks once in a while and two were in the game at the same time.

"Those kids deserved to play. It wasn't gimmicky, it wasn't something that we were trying to fool people it was because we had quarterbacks who were talented and worked their tails off. They deserved to be out there just as if we were playing two tight ends. So yeah that's part of my (football) brain is playing two quarterbacks but it's always what's best for the team."

The Cowboys will be the first Big 12 team to open the season with Game One set for Friday night, August 30th. Will it be Sanders, Brown or both who trot onto the field with the starters?

You can hear the entire media session with Sean Gleeson below and more interviews will be posted tomorrow.

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