Gundy: "We aren't Sure Yet" On Quarterbacks

PHOTO/Randy Renner

Mike Gundy told reporters after Tuesday's practice if he knew which quarterback will start against Oregon State a week from Friday "I'd tell you guys."

Instead Gundy again said, "Both of them (Spencer Sanders and Dru Brown) are doing really well. If we were to play this week, we'd play both guys. We don't have to make that decision until next week. This discussion is taking place, but we aren't sure yet. We are still evaluating and trying to do what's best."

If both QBs play and that certainly seems likely now, Gundy said he and his staff have not decided how the snaps will be divided and whether Brown and Sanders will alternate plays, possessions, quarters or some other way of splitting time.

Or maybe one of them will grab the reins and make the decision easy and obvious.

"Maybe somebody takes the thing over in the next three practices and makes it really clear cut," Gundy said. But either way Gundy says he's confident each of the two players competing can get the job done.

"Both guys now are playing well enough for us to win in my opinion."

You can see video of Mike Gundy's media session in the box below and down below that are interviews with wide receiver Dillon Stoner and center Johnny Wilson.

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