Gundy's Halftime Talk On Saturday "A 12-15 second four-letter word"

PHOTO/Randy Renner

OSU coach Mike Gundy was not in the least bit happy with his team during the first half of Saturday's game with McNeese. The Cowboys led 28-0 at the break but the first half was full of mistakes and lackluster play.

So to try to get his team's attention Gundy told reporters during his regular Monday news conference his halftime "pep" talk was pretty much "a 12 to 15 second four-letter word."

Gundy also updated the status of linebacker Calvin Bundage, who continues to battle back soreness and defensive lineman Israel Antwine who is missing playing time due to what Gundy called "administrative issues that are out of our hands." He hopes to have Antwine back soon "he's hanging over G, just not quite on O."

You can see his entire weekly news conference in the block below...and below that news from the Big 12 about an honor for Spencer Sanders and some news about the kickoff time and TV for the Texas game.

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