Sooners Vow Not To Flash Horns Down

The no fun police in the Big 12 conference have spoken and the Oklahoma Sooners say they will obey and not flash the horns down sign during the OU-Texas game on Saturday.

Texas has always been a whiny bunch (just ask Nebraska) and the Big 12 has generally bent over backwards to make sure no one in Austin gets offended (again just ask Nebraska) and so again the conference is yielding to pressure from south of the Red River.

The league doesn't want to see any Oklahoma coaches, players or even pep squad members flash the sign. One of these days they'll probably say fans can be ejected for using it because it's so offensive to those in burnt orange.

Anyway we hear from Lincoln Riley and Kenneth Murray about not flashing horns down and from Jalen Hurts and Alex Grinch about more actual football issues when it comes to playing Texas.

We also have Mike Gundy talking about what might have led to the Cowboys lackluster performance out at the "Hub of the HIgh Plains" and the Thunder are in Tulsa for tonight's opening preseason game against the Dallas Mavericks.

All that and more in today's OKC Morning Sports.

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