Gundy, Cowboys Finally Get A Break

PHOTO/Randy Renner

OSU Cowboys head coach Mike Gundy admitted after Saturday's loss to Texas Tech he might have worked his players "too hard" in the previous week or two of practice. The Cowboys have been hard at it inside the team's Sherman Smith Training Center since August.

Now the Cowboys players are finally getting a bit of a break. They're the last team in the Big 12 to get a bye week and a Saturday off.

“It has been a pretty good stretch. I wish we would’ve had an open week earlier," Gundy told reporters after Tuesday's practice. "I would have liked to have one after week three or four because you have to take August into consideration. Even if you got an open week after week three, that is still seven weeks of football, which is a lot for these guys. It came at a good time for all of us. Hopefully it gives the players a chance to enjoy themselves; go see their friends, families and get back to work on Sunday.”

The Cowboys will host Baylor a week from Saturday for homecoming.

You can hear all of what Gundy had to say in the block below.

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