R & R For Cowboys This Week...Rest And Recuperate

PHOTO/Randy Renner

STILLWATER -- Mike Gundy's Oklahoma State Cowboys were one of the last Big 12 teams to get a bye week and now just a few weeks later they have another one.

"Yeah it's a little different," Gundy admitted after Tuesday evening's practice but he says the Big 12 is "gonna clean it up next year."

Meanwhile after a barrage of injuries hit the Cowboys hard last week Gundy will certainly take the extra time to give his guys a break.

"We're working the young guys quite a bit and then the veterans are not getting much work trying to recover and rehabilitate their bodies."

Gundy continues to hope both center Johnny Wilson and safety Tre Sterling, who missed the TCU game, will be back in time for Kansas a week from Saturday.

Cowboy coaches are also using the extra time to decide which players who are redshirting this season will get some playing time in the final three regular season games or perhaps in the Cowboys bowl game.

"There are some guys that we're looking at this week that could get in on special teams or could get in as a backup. So yeah there could be some guys and we'll make that decision by Thursday."

As far as making any tweaks or outright changes to the offense or the defense during the extra practice time Gundy says that probably won't happen.

"There's always thought about that but you almost wanna just correct where you're deficient. It's just so difficult to teach these guys new stuff and then get them to play fast on Saturdays. I guess we could maybe do a few things but we kinda are who we are."

You can hear all of Mike Gundy's Tuesday session with the media in the box below.

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