How Deshaun Watson's Ongoing Scandal Affects His Training Camp Eligibility

Dan Patrick: “What’s going to happen to Deshaun Watson? Is he going to be eligible to show up to training camp?”

Mike Florio: “The Texans have been hoping that the 22 lawsuits pending against Deshaun Watson would be settled because if they’re settled, you're able to trade Watson and you’re able to get a lot for him in a trade. That’s what teams are waiting to have go away if they can properly resolve the cases… There’s a possibility that the Texans are going to have to make a decision without the cases being settled. What do you do with Deshaun Watson? As training camp arrives do you trade him for whatever you can get – which is a lot less if the 22 cases are pending – or do you let him show up? I think he will show up, because if he gets put on paid leave, which people think will happen, the Texans have to pay him $10 million to not play for them this year… At some point the league owes it to Watson, the Texans, and any team that would want to trade for Watson to give people an inkling of what they’re thinking. Are you putting him on paid leave? They had a lot of uncertainty around Antonio Brown two years ago and they wouldn’t tell teams what they were going to do and then no one would touch him. With this, he’s under contract, and he’s getting $10 million from somebody. I think they should let the relevant people know what they’re going to do so people can make their best decisions.” (Full Video Above)

Listen to Pro Football Talk’s Mike Florio join The Dan Patrick Show to speculate what he believes will happen later this summer when and if Deshaun Watson attempts to appear at Houston Texans’ training camp in the midst of his alleged sexual assault cases.

Check out the segment above and the FULL interview below.

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