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Colin Cowherd Compared Lamar Jackson to This NBA Superstar

Colin Cowherd: “Is Lamar Jackson becoming Kawhi Leonard? Think about it, unquestionably top ten franchise talents. Neither trust anybody. Kawhi uses ‘Uncle Dennis’ as his agent, Lamar used his mom, and now an unlicensed agent. They’ve got a trust issue. Both have had injuries and around both injuries there has been nothing but mystery. Both have a chip on their shoulder out of college. Both landed in ideal situations— Kawhi Leonard, who is not real verbal goes to San Antonio, very quiet, about the culture not the stars, perfect situation. Lamar goes to the Ravens, exceptionally well-run, patient, letting him grow with Flacco for a year. Yet by year four or five with Kawhi Leonard it got odd, he got hurt, there was mystery, and we never really got a straight answer. Now in year four for Lamar Jackson he's hurt, there’s mystery, it’s odd, and we never really got a straight answer. Could he have played [in the playoffs]? I thought he was ready in late September? Then he never played. They’re kind of becoming the same guy. Kawhi is an enigma, and so is Lamar Jackson. None of us would question if they're 'franchise' worthy, but they have very unique personalities and I’m not sure either personality translates to long-term success or leadership. Lamar came into the league and we questioned whether he could pass. Kawhi came into the league and we wondered if he was ever going to shoot three-pointers consistently. ‘Mystery’ doesn’t work for a franchise quarterback, you gotta lead, you gotta be verbal, and you gotta talk. Kawhi doesn’t trust anybody, and apparently Lamar doesn’t even trust the Ravens.” (Full Segment Above)

Watch Colin Cowherd compare Lamar Jackson to Kawhi Leonard, with Colin linking their enigmatic personalities and melodramatic relationships with their franchises.

Check out the segment above as Colin explains how both players are two of the most talented players of their craft, but guys who have placed themselves at precarious crossroads from their own doing.

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